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Family Focus Free Workforce Development

Classroom with solid fillWorkshops delivered in person or online to support whole family practice.

Better Off Calculations

How to use better off calculators with famlilies. Help families understand Universal Credit as well as showing the impact of working.

Delivered by Jacquelyn Kayne and Sarah Bee, Future Options Adviser, Family Focus Team

Friday 12 July 11:00-12:00 Find out more here

Challenging Conversations About Finances

Do you find talking to families about finance and debts a bit of a struggle or  difficult to get started? Get hints, tips and share best practice.

Delivered by Jacquelyn Kayne and Sarah Bee, Future Options Adviser, Family Focus Team

Thurs 16 May 11:00-12:00 Find out more here

Tues 16 July 11:00-12:00 Find out more here

Future Options Advisers (FOAs) – New Staff / FOA Overview

Join the FOAs as they guide you through the help and advice they can offer. FOAs support practitioners to explore the options available to families so they can make progress towards financial stability. FOAs also offer a wealth of experience and advice about benefit updates and support into employment.

Delivered by Jacquelyn Kayne and Sarah Bee, Future Options Adviser, Family Focus Team

Thurs 2 May 12:30-1:00   Find out more here

Tues 25 June 11:00-11:30 Find out more here

Universal Credit Overview

An overview of Universal Credit, including eligibility, commitments to receive benefit, important advice about changes and updates.

Delivered by Jacquelyn Kayne and Sarah Bee, Future Options Adviser, Family Focus Team

Tues 4 June 11:00-12:00  Find out more here

Recognising and Supporting Parents in Conflict (1 of 2)

Understand the evidence & research around parental conflict and its impact on child outcomes and to recognise when it is an issue.

Delivered by Sam Mills, Senior Project Officer, Family Focus Team

Wed 8 May 10:00-11:00   Find out more here

Thurs 18 July 2:00-3:00   Find out more here

Working with Parents in Conflict (2 of 2)

The second workshop will provide you with tools in your everyday kit. To work with parents to enhance their relationship and communication skills.

Delivered by Sam Mills, Senior Project Officer, Family Focus Team

Wed 15 May 10:00-11:00  Find out more here

Thurs 25 July 2:00-3:00   Find out more here

Whole Family Approach Training

A Whole Family Approach is a way of working. One that we know is essential to securing better outcomes for children, young people, and adults.

Delivered by Sam Mills, Senior Project Officer, Family Focus Team

Wed 29 May 10:00-12:00  Find out more here

Whole Family Approach Induction (Early Help)

This training is for any new practitioners or anyone who requires a refresher to provide the context of a Whole Family Approach and how it applies to Early Help.

Delivered by Sam Mills, Senior Project Officer, Family Focus Team

Wed 5 June 9:00-2:00 Find out more here

Online meeting with solid fillLite Bite presentations – Held on a Thursday, these short online sessions discuss ‘Hot Topics’ and introduce services & referral pathways, with time for Q&A at the end.

Childcare & Working Commitments

Childcare benefits have recently changed, find out about how the changes will impact the families we work with.

Delivered by Jacquelyn Kayne and Sarah Bee, Future Options Adviser, Family Focus Team

Thurs 6th June 12:30-1:00 Find out more here

An Introduction to Coercive Control

Coercive control is used by abusers in a variety of ways, this can be anything from controlling someone’s finances to isolating someone from their friends and family. This kind of behaviour is a form of domestic abuse, and we can help you spot the signs.

Delivered by Bianca Robinson, SWIFT Practitioner

Thurs 23rd May 12:00-12:30 Find out more here

Watch some of the previous Lite Bite Presentations that have taken place:

Supporting ‘Hidden Children’

Learn about how attending an Early Years setting has many benefits for children, especially as they reach the age of 3 years.

Delivered by Michelle Hocking – Early Help Community Support Manager

Watch Here

Fathers Voice

This session presents facts on how fathers’ input is often missing within plans and decisions in interventions. You will gain some tips and tools on how to feel more confident in including their input within family cases you work with.

Delivered by Charlotte Lench – SWIFT Senior Practitioner

Part 1: Watch Here

Part 2: Watch Here

Part 3: Watch Here

Supporting Pupils with SEN in Schools

In this session find out how pupils with SEN are supported in schools. You’ll also get information for supporting and signposting parents.

Delivered by Polly Callard – Placement Support Service Deputy Service Manager

Watch Here

Remote learning language with solid fillOn-line Learning Modules – recorded online sessions to access as and when you need.

Whole Family Approach

  • An introduction to the Whole Family Approach and why it is important.
  • How to work in a Whole Family Way.

Part 1: Watch Here

Part 2: Watch Here

Document with solid fillOne Minute Guide (OMG) – short, easy to read information, advice, and guidance on those ‘Hot Topics’ linked to the 10 whole family themes.

Improving Attendance

Use this helpful resource to support with action planning to improve attendance at school or college.

Read Here

Reducing Parental Conflict

This tool summarises and explains what parental conflict is and how we can work with families to prevent and reduce it.

Read Here

The Five Tests of Homelessness

Local Authorities have a duty to support some groups of people when they are at risk of losing their home. This is known as the main homelessness duty. This One Minute Guide aims to help you identify those groups of people and the areas of consideration used by local housing teams, known as the Five tests of homelessness.

Read Here

Making Progress with Housing

Home provides a secure base for children to attend school, for parents to sustain employment and for families to contribute to their communities. This guide outlines the desired outcomes for families and some examples of how progress could be made as part of our support.

Read Here

Supporting Families with their Finances

Financial stability is one of the 10 key family needs. But finances and money worries affect all of the other 9 needs. In this One Minute Guide find out how you can help families to take control of their money.

Read Here

Talking about Finances

Many of the families we work with are stressed or anxious about their finances due to cost-of-living issues. They worry about managing money and what the future might look like but still don’t feel comfortable talking about money. This One Minute Guide will provide some tips for having challenging conversations about finances.

Read Here

Speech outlineFeedback and Evaluation                                                                                                 

Continuous Improvement

Your feedback is vital to help us improve everything we do. Once you have accessed our information, advice or guidance please complete an evaluation and feedback form. And get in touch if there are any further training opportunities you would like to see linked to the Supporting Families Programme. Thank you!

Family Focus Training Evaluation and Feedback

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