Havens Food Cooperative

In the photo:

John Kingshott, one of Havens Food Cooperative‘s volunteers picking up several crates of surplus food from Havens Community Hub to redistribute to Tudor Rose Park in Peacehaven.

What did your volunteers do?

Our volunteers help run Havens Food Cooperative by helping us to collect surplus food from several supermarkets in the Havens area and help us redistribute it to our community, including local families, individuals, and schools. Some of our volunteers use the surplus food to batch bake meals for vulnerable families, friends, or neighbours who have been struggling during the pandemic.

How did your volunteers make a difference?

Throughout the pandemic, our volunteers continued to collect surplus food from the supermarkets, saving around 1 ton of perishable food from being sent to landfills every single day.

Our volunteers have been delivering food to families who are unable to come to our food pantry as well as helping them to collect food from the store. They also take the time to stop and talk with individuals while remaining socially distanced when they come to collect the food and we have found that this has had a positive impact on mental health for both our volunteers and those we help.

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