Eastbourne Community Network

The Eastbourne Community Network is a cross-sector online networking event. Primarily aimed at voluntary and community groups operating across Eastbourne, everyone in the local community is welcome.

The network is an informal meeting space that enables individuals representing voluntary & community sector organisations or groups to network together, share information, build relationships and collaborate, influence service provision and take up opportunities for mutual support and learning.

By coming along to this meeting, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Talk to other groups and organisations active in Eastbourne and explore ways of working together
  • Learn from each other and what already works well
  • Design how we can all be more involved in local conversations and plans in the future

Past meetings

Prior to the pandemic, 3VA ran a network covering Eastbourne and Polegate.

Eastbourne and Polegate Community Network

Previous topics discussed at the meeting included:

  • October 2019: Eastbourne Food Partnership
  • July 2019: Population Health Check – Question Time panel
  • March 2019: Celebrating connecting communities
  • December 2018: Ways to support health without seeing a GP
  • September 2018: Ideas fair
  • June 2018: Children and young people’s health and well being
  • March 2018: Growing our community… one year on – asset-based development
  • January 2018: Including you: engaging, involving and working together across our local communities
  • October 2017: Making connections …. how we communicate and share information
  • July 2017: Exploring ideas and making connections between people involved in outdoor activities and spaces as well as those working within food and food growing community projects
  • March 2017: Head, Heart and Hands – involving participants in an asset-based approach using appreciative inquiry to networking and building on strengths and what works well in group’s local communities

Get in touch

Position vacant

Community Development Officer for Eastbourne

If you have any questions and think we might be able to support you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be delighted to explore ways we can help.

Email: info@3va.org.uk
Office: 01323 639 373 ext. 208
Mobile: 07539 887 845

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